For Rental Payments, Why Not Own a Home?

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Why Not Own Your Home?

1. Rental payments can be converted into your home ownership payment, and this can be your investment.
2. Remember, you do not have to capture the biggest or the most modern home available, but rather start out with a starter home like a 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms that can use updates.
3. Over time while paying a home payment, you can create a cost budget to modernize the property, and after some time living there, perhaps selling off the property, and reinvesting in another larger home.

First, get pre-qualified with a preferred lender, and find out what is the maximum home allowance you qualify for in monthly payments. This will let you know what the maximum housing cost will be for your home purchase. If there are issues with your credit, then get the lender to quantify how to repair and begin working on increasing the credit score.

Remember, there are times to pay rent, but for the most part, why rent when you can invest in yourself and own your home. For more information call John (985)445.7287



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