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Making Your Home Safe

Let’s look at the reality of life, we do not live in Mayberry, and Andy is not the sheriff. Here are a few tips I use when creating a safe environment for my primary dwelling during this busy time of the Christmas season.

  1. Install motion detection flood lights in the front, both sides and backyard. The motion flood lights I have blink 3-times when detecting motion, indicating an alarm may have been set off.
  2. Have a security company install an alarm system in your home and is monitored 24 hours a day. In addition, place a sign out front by your door that indicates you have home security. This signage will discourage intruders.
  3. Create the idea that you have a big dog in the backyard, even if you don’t own a dog, by placing a sign on the fence that says, “Beware of Dog” or “Attack Dog”. You can have signs created with your own custom warning of what you want to choose.
  4. During night hours, I have flood lights and porch lights illuminated. Remember, darkness does not like the light, and is deterred to stay away from light.
  5. Establish a neighborhood watch with about 3 houses on each side of your address and across the street of your address. Have a gathering to include a light menu of snacks to meet and share home security ideas. This meeting will allow your neighbors to exchange contact information.
  6. Have a backup lock system to your doors from an interior position like additional lock that can only be operated from inside.

These are but a few security tips for making your home a safe dwelling during this holiday season.


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